Our Development Process

How we work, from proposal to deployment

At SpeakFeel, we’re transparent about our method. Take a peek into our organized application development process to learn more about what you're getting into when you decide to work with us.

Pre Development Planning


Pre-Development Planning

SpeakFeel responds to a client’s idea with a ballpark proposal, which must be approved for the process to officially commence. Our project management team then creates a detailed pre-development plan that is used to organize all deliverables. Once the project’s creative and technical approach is solidified, the workback is reviewed and development begins! 

Development Kickoff

The development team collects the tools needed to build the web or mobile application at hand and begins work using the design plan and technical specs that were solidified during pre-development planning. After development is complete, the application is prepared for testing and the developers make any necessary changes.

Development KickOff


Expert Quality Assurance


Expert Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team steps in post development to test all of the product’s main components, such as interface design and functionality, to ensure that they operate seamlessly on every relevant device, platform, and OS. When QA is satisfied, the project receives a green light and moves forward with deployment.

Post-Deployment Support

After the product is officially deployed, clients gain access to a helpful Teamwork support desk where they can conveniently submit critical feedback for an average of 60 to 90 days. Within this window of time, any bugs will be promptly reviewed and addressed by QA and fixed by our developers. 

Post Development Support


SpeakFeel prides itself on an organized and professional development process that starts with an idea and ends with a fully functional and user-friendly product. Each project receives professional management and thorough QA testing so clients can always expect to receive exactly what they initially request (or better). We also maintain clear and consistent communication with customers and regularly set aside time for productive project meetings.

You Ask, We Answer

Frequent questions about our process

Q. Do you use Agile or Waterfall?
We always use the method that the client prefers, but our team tends to work using a combination of the two. Regardless, the approach is solidified before the project officially begins, ensuring a smooth ride for developers and clients alike.

Q. How do clients report bugs after deployment?
SpeakFeel uses Teamwork Desk to ensure that clients’ needs are supported in the 60 to 90 days following deployment. With its user-friendly dashboard, clients can conveniently report any immediate bugs or feedback to our QA team.
Q. Do you offer analytics, reporting, and content management services?
Should clients need it, our team can provide content management solutions as well as internal and external analytics and reporting services for commercial and enterprise products.

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