The idea to establish SpeakFeel was ignited in 2008, when Founder Kelly Brooks held an iPhone for the first time.

To her, this moment solidified the belief that the world of business would be ever-changed with the introduction of new mobile hardware and software. In 2009, the company was officially created to deliver exceptional web and mobile application development services to clients within and beyond the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor.

We Build:

Web Applications
Web Applications
Custom enterprise and public-facing web solutions.
Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications
Cutting-edge mobile apps with advanced UX/UI.
Progressive Technologies
Progressive Technologies
Applications with in-demand progressive technologies.

Located in Guelph, Ontario, just 35 minutes from Waterloo, Canada's burgeoning tech hub, SpeakFeel maintains itself today as a force to be reckoned with. The team is constantly adapting its software development services and overall expertise to fit the technology industry's dynamic landscape; currently, our developers are delving into the exciting world of blockchain and other progressive technologies.

Meet the Team behind the genius

Bio About Kelly Brooks
Kelly Brooks
President and Founder

President and Founder

“The only way to successfully navigate change driven by technology is to work with a team that is passionate about building innovative tech."

Kelly Brooks spent the early 2000s heading hundreds of online projects, leading her to eventual entrepreneurship. After picking up an early-generation iPhone in 2008, she understood that mobile platforms would forever change the world of business. This moment ended up being the fuel that Kelly needed to start SpeakFeel Corporation in 2009, which was established to service and innovate the mobile space. Since then, the company has been hard at work developing products and applications for several industries and verticals. As one of Canada’s few female tech CEOs, Kelly runs her business in a unique way that encourages free thinking and constant learning, and she thoroughly believes that innovation can’t exist without the technical specs to back it up.

Bio About Danijela Covic
Danijela Covic
Projects and Accounts Manager

Projects and Accounts Manager

“A passionate team always delivers the best results.”

Danijela Covic graduated with Honors in Business Sales and Marketing in 2008, which launched her into a rewarding six-year stint in finance. After successfully managing a large block of clientele, she aimed her skills at the tech industry, transitioning into a team and project management role for a cutting-edge IT marketing and business development firm. Fast forward to the present day and her unique portfolio, extensive experience with product launches, and comprehensive knowledge of business development allow SpeakFeel to keep projects organized throughout every stage of product development. In other words, Danijela is the super strength glue that connects technical specs to optimal plans that keep clients and team members satisfied.

Bio About Jeffrey Sambells
Jeffrey Sambells
Director of Technical Projects

Director of Technical Projects

“I have an obsession with learning new things and encouraging others to reach their maximum potential.”

Jeffrey Sambells, aka Mr. Build-It and Fix-It, has faithfully led SpeakFeel’s development team since 2011. An author of multiple books on coding, he constantly contributes to the company’s knowledge culture with his thorough understanding of Android and iOS platforms and how they interact with data and web systems. Jeffrey also maintains the learning atmosphere at SpeakFeel by encouraging team members to take an informed and calculated approach to client solutions. He enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of process development and interface design, and he regularly improves products with ingenious features and simplified UI.

Bio About Dan Carmo
Dan Carmo
Senior Developer and Team Lead

Senior Developer and Team Lead

"My favourite part of the job is mastering the latest development trends and technologies."

Daniel Carmo has been a vital member of the SpeakFeel team for over five years. He started out as a co-op student from the University of Guelph and transitioned into the role of Mobile Developer after he graduated with an Honors in Physics and Technology in 2011. Today, Daniel is a key component of SpeakFeel’s development process due to his natural leadership skills and platform agnostic development abilities. His deep understanding of the intimate connection between cloud, data, and device add value to enterprise and public-facing projects, and his technical talents are always matched by his ability to expertly communicate concepts to clients.

Bio About Keith Wallace
Keith Wallace
Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality Assurance Analyst

"Our team meshes so well together that ‘work’ doesn’t often feel like work."

After graduating with an Honours in Geology in 2005, Keith Wallace spent 10 years in the mining and exploration industry, which had him traversing remote areas of Canada. In 2017, he left the gold mines behind and moved into the world of crypto when he began his new adventure as Quality Assurance Analyst at SpeakFeel. His obsession with new phones, tablets, and computers has expertly suited his role at the company and although he enjoys the QA process for the select reason that it involves trying to break things, he takes his job extremely seriously. All released projects are of the highest quality.

Bio About Brandon Hogan
Brandon Hogan
Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer

“My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.”

Brandon Hogan brings a sense of humour to the SpeakFeel office, but he backs it up with all of the technical requirements; he has an Advanced Diploma from Conestoga College and a degree in Computer Science and Informatics from Griffith University. He likes to refer to himself as a “professional googler” but he’s really a talented software developer, with experience in web, Android, and iOS development. Brandon is also SpeakFeel’s resident blockchain enthusiast, so he constantly works to expand his knowledge base and broaden his insight into the latest development trends.

Bio about Julieann
Julieann Cody
Junior Project Manager

Junior Project Manager

“Every day I strive to learn and push myself to new limits.”

While completing a BA at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Julieann Cody was hired to work in social media, grant editing, and event planning for an environmental nonprofit. She became skilled at interacting with her community, including local congress and city representatives as well as mastering the art of professional communication. After graduating in 2017, she moved to Guelph, Ontario, and began a Junior Project Management role at SpeakFeel. Her excellent organizational skills and ability to adapt to new situations have made her an integral component of the project management team.

Bio about Burak
Burak Karahan
Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

“I enjoy working in an environment where I can utilize my skills in different technologies while challenging myself.”

Burak received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology and Information Systems from Bilkent University in Turkey. After graduation, he worked as a software developer for 1 year before migrating to Canada. Once in Canada, Burak continued his studies at Conestoga College where he received a certificate in Mobile Solutions Development in 2018. After receiving his certificate, Burak was a software developer for 10 months at a reputable company before being hired at SpeakFeel. His skill in great communication and collaboration, alongside his strong attention to detail and refusal to give up, make him an exceptional addition to our team. When he isn't developing, Burak likes to play the drums and is a strong enthusiast of cars.

Meet a few of the clients

Armtec - Client 1

Agnition - Client 2

Axis - Client 3

Counteract - Client 4

CPI - Client 5

Gideons - Client 6

Goldcare - Client 7

Groundhog - Client 8

Kids Help Phone - Client 9

Lymphoma Coalition - Client 10

Martino Flynn - Client 11

Mentholatum - Client 12

Microsoft - Client 13

Prominent - Client 14

Tarion - Client 15

Think Partners - Client 16

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association - Client 17

University of Waterloo - Client 18

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Our web experts are masters at creating quality applications from the ground up or using open source software, and our mobile developers are trained to build innovative iOS and Android applications in both native and hybrid languages. Although team members are classically trained, they also believe in driving innovation; within the office, new ideas are encouraged and problems are embraced in order to find exceptional solutions, rather than temporary fixes.